How To Pack Your Restaurant With New Customers Using Facebook Ads

Are you ready to get the attention of new customers who operate in a mobile-first, social-media obsessed world? Then, you should take a serious look at using Facebook ads for restaurant leads. Facebook ads are your new go-to, helping pack your client’s restaurant with new patrons in no time. Print advertising used to be the … Read more

The 2 Things Dentists Must Do Online in 2018 to Thrive

It’s a rare dentist that DOESN’T want or need new patients. But today, relying on word- of-mouth is not an effective strategy if you want to survive. With rising competition and changing behaviors in the marketplace, it’s more important than ever before that your practice is employing some core Online Marketing Strategies.The Single Reason why … Read more

16 Lessons I Learned after 16 Weeks on the Bestseller List

My book, Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me: How to use storytelling to connect with the hearts and wallets of a hungry audience, just crossed 16 weeks 22 weeks as #1 Best Seller in its category. Looking back, it was not a smooth or direct path, and there were a lot of “lessons” learned. I have … Read more